Targeted donations

We do not offer paid Wikipedia editing services. However, donors contributing CHF 2 000 or more can specify knowledge areas they care most about. We guarantee that at least 50% of the donated amounts will go towards translating Wikipedia articles on that topic.

A knowledge area can be a specific discipline (math, biology, sport, etc.), industry, region, or any other domain broad enough to generate sufficient work for our translators.

If there are specific pages you would like to be translated, we will review them but only translate them if we believe they meet our quality criteria. Any potential conflict of interest will be disclosed in the edit summary in compliance with Wikipedia guidelines.


The city of Stadtville is interested in boosting the coverage of their region in Wikipedia, to help promote local culture, history and tourism. They make an annual donation of CHF 5 000 to OKA, which allows us to hire a full time translator. OKA guarantees that at least 6 months worth of work go towards editing Wikipedia pages related to Stadtville (e.g., local artists, streets, buildings, businesses) representing over 150 new pages published across English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian Wikipedia.

Contact us

If you are interested in making a restricted donation to OKA, please reach out to